Miami Dread (Urban Shadows)

Chapter 5

Upon entering the warehouse, Nephilac pits Fox and Alfred against each other for who will get the honor of being his servant, and who will be sacrificed up to the monster. In an intense battle, Fox gets the drop on Alfred and has the chance to kill him, yet Nephilac instead chooses to spare Alfred.  Seeing Alfred's ability, he decides that he wanted to keep both Fox and Alfred, and instead kill some other less valuable source of wild in the area.  

The group gets a lead from one of Nephilac's lesser servants about another tainted for another minor demon of Gluttony, named Bob, who frequents the 7-11 in the Cuban territory. So they decide to hit up there. 

Arriving at the 7-11, Junot notices the scent of another werewolf marking the territory trying to claim it as theirs. And upon entering, find not only Bob but also that the cashier is said werewolf. At first, Bob does not want to go with them, and when trying to defend Bob, Junot and the other werewolf get into a fight. Junot sends him flying thru the cooler case and into the back of the store. Terrified at the were fight, Bob goes along with Alfred into his car, and Alfred and Isabelle drive back to Nephilac's. 

Meanwhile, Sumi manages to use her fey powers to calm down Junot after he completely wolfed-out. And they flee the 7-11 as the police arrive, but without time to get any of the security footage. After some ice cream, they decide to return to the glitter factory. 

Arriving at Nephilac's, Isabelle posesses Bob in order to get him out of the car and into the warehouse. There, Nephilac induces Fox to turn into the heart-ripping monster, and he kills both Kopernicus and Bob. Then proceeds to walk out toward the ocean…

Chapter 4

Sumi arrives at the Neon Cabana to find it largely abandoned. Talking to a nearby vendor, she finds out that the owner, Sandria, is closing up the business and moving out of town. He directs her to where she lives, and Sumi goes to talk to her. 

Talking with Sandria, she finds that the order to move came from all the way up to the royals in the Summer court. They knew something else otherworldly was coming, that would cause a great deal of destruction (Sandria mentioned "the destroyer" in passing) and that Summer did not want to invest any resources in trying to save the area. Just clear out before taking any losses. Sumi thanks her and leaves but not before passing flirtations and maybe arrangements to see a handsome young Pablo at the club? But she decides to head back. 

Meanwhile back at the Glitter Factory, Kopernicus calls for Isabelle, telling her that he's being followed by a thing from the dark wizards. She tells him to come to the glitter factory and then informs Alfred of the relationship that the heart ripping monster needs 1 of each faction to be able to repel whatever it is that's coming. So they could feed Fox and Kopernicus to the monster to save everyone being of Power and Wild, the last 2 needed. 

Alfred tries to consult with Kessel to learn more of what's going on, only to find that he is the one informing Kessel! Kessel is most pleased with the idea of a "destroyer" coming that will leave all manner of chaos and misery in its wake. He hopes to ride the tide of mayhem to his own advantage, and forbids Alfred from feeding Fox or Kopernicus to the thing. 

Isabelle convinces Alfred, who is upset and enraged at Kessel's response, to switch allegiances to Nephilac. Bring both Fox and Kopernicus to him, sacrifice them, to save everyone, and pick up his contract away from Kessel in exchange. 

As Sumi returns to the Glitter Factory, she is accosted by 4 vampires from Chester's scourge. Hearing the commotion, Junot comes to the rescue, killing 1 vampire and incapacitating another. Sumi manages to get the other 2 to flee. They head inside with the unconcious vampire and put him down in the basement with Fox. 

At the same time, Kopernicus arrives talking with Isabelle. Upon meeting Alfred and knowing the context of how Isabelle died, Kopernicus tries to curse Alfred which sends Isabelle into a fit of rage. In her ghostly maelstrom, she knocks out the power to the Glitter Factory. They get the power back on, but find a wrinkle in their plans when it turns out Fox escaped. And Kopernicus' curse seems to be nothing but giving Alfred longer hair. 

Junot hunts down Fox, leading them to a warehouse. Isabelle investigates to find Fox, Nephilac, and about 30 cultists. Nephilac sees Isabelle and smiles. Then, while the group is deciding what to do, several attendants open the doors to the warehouse, cordially inviting them inside…

Chapter 3

The man at the front door is the Dark Doctor who offers his services. Su-mi and Isabelle were planning to get Fox healed but the Doctor deferred to Alfred who, in exchange for allowing the Haitians to use his place for some business, set up a protective ward around the Glitter Factory to keep out the heart-ripping monster. 

At Junot's place, he hears some banging and screaming downstairs to go downstairs and find a couple of Haitian gang-bangers roughing up Danny and Jose for a missing drug stash. Junot manages to knock them out, but not without taking a couple bullets in the process. Trying to unleash enough of his wolf to heal his injuries, he loses control of his wolf nature and returns to Maria & Danny's apartment, tearing out the throats of the unconscious gangbangers in front of the police, knocking them out of the way as he ran past them and back to the Glitter Factory. Upon arriving there and calming down, he finds his wounds have closed over the bullets. 

Because Alfred is stoned out of his mind, Sumi takes charge and calls the Doctor back who treats Junot's injuries. 

While Junot is recovering and Alfred sobering up, Isabelle and Sumi go out to talk to one of her daughter's professors, Dr. Agram Thau, who specializes in history and folklore. He talks about a creature that appeared shortly before the black plauge, but sadly the book that had more detail about it was missing from the library. 

Sumi calls Derek to see if he can find any copies, digital or otherwise, of the that book, and also some for Abdul Alcared, an Arabian Occultist. She then gets a call from Alfred. Still somewhat stoned, he's talking with vampires who have come to inquire what happened to Chester and Sumi's whereabouts. 

Alfred takes them to the basement where Fox is chained up, and they want to take him with them to interrogate, but Alfred demands Fox stays there if they want to interrogate him. They decline, and say they'll be in touch with Sumi. 

Alfred calls Sumi to warn her of the incoming vampires, and she's on her way to the Neon Cabana, a beachside dance night club that's a stronghold of the Summer Court. 

Chapter 2
The Plot (and blood) Thickens

In our last adventure, after finding her lover dead, Su-mi calls Alfred to tell him what transpired and returns to her apartment to calm down and rest. Talking with her friend Jenny, she heard Jenny's boyfriend's sister has gone missing. She reassures Jenny she would ask around about the girl, and got a photo from Jenny's phone. 

In search of more leads, Isabelle storms into the Blue Lady's court demanding answers about what is behind all these murders. The Blue Lady exasperatedly humors her, and tells her she doesn't care if the demons tear each other apart. Pressed further, she mentions Nephilac.  Returning to Alfred with this news, Alfred already knows Nephilac as Fox's demon patron. He calls Junot and Su-mi to come over, and gets ready for a throw down. 

Except as Junot is trying to leave his apartment, he's stopped by his neighbor Maria begging for his help. A drive-by shoot-out had happened nearby, and as the area's protector they wanted his help. The local residents were feeling scared and insecure. And she was worried about her son Danny and his friend Jose that they might be caught up in it since they did some gigs for the Cuban gang. He promised to help in a bit, but had obligations to attend to first. 

With everyone assembled, they summon Fox to their location. They attack him and to their surprise, he offers no resistance and goes down quickly. Only mentioning as he's dying that the hearts were needed to stop something worse. Then for some reason, his demon patron resurrects him but he's in an injured, barely conscious state. 

Alfred tries to get more info from his local hunter contact, John, on defeating Nephilac who didn't want to explain their methods (in cases needed against Alfred) but did mention some of the local demon hierarchy where Fox frequently keeps other, worse demons and abominations at bay. Alfred gives him a head's up that he's taken out Fox, so be ready for the fallout. 

Junot stops by the corner store where the shootout took place on his way home. There were injured people and police. It seemed that it was the work of the local Haitian gang putting a hit on the Cuban gang but with all the commotion there weren't any clues that he could pick up with his senses, overwhelming them in trying. So he goes back home to rest, getting berated by his neighbor Maria on the way with her disappointment in him not doing more to help the neighborhood. 

Isabelle asks around about the Dark Doctor who is known for his knowledge of dark rituals and creatures since he might be able to elaborate further on what Fox was talking about. Any info that might help Alfred. But no one was willing to talk about the Dark Doctor. In her travels, she runs into some Russian necromancers patching bodies together, and one who even seems to offer her a body to posess of a young woman whose age and body are similar to her own. She politely declines and heads back to Alfred. 

As all this was going on, Su-Mi uses the time to further interrogate Fox when he awakens. She manages to get out of him that hearts of night, wild, humanity and power will be needed. Alicia was humanity. Chester was night. He himself could count as wild if killed. But that the ritual was one of banishment to keep at bay an even worse evil. One so great it was even scaring away the other supernaturals like the Summer Court fey. She pushes him harder on what the evil is, even going so far as to cut off his manhood but all he knew was that it was from another plane. 

Su-Mi then went to visit her dancer friend Lily with the Summer Court, finding her in the midst of moving out of her apartment for the West Coast. Trying to press Lily for more info, the girl is afraid to speak openly but subtly confirms Fox's lead that the Summer Court is indeed leaving Miami. 

Isabelle, Su-Mi and Alfred reconvene to discuss their findings and next moves when there is a knock at the door. Outside are several members of the local Haitian gang. Among them is a man with strange jewelry and tattoos who says, "So, I heard you were looking for me?" 

Chapter 1
Hearts Abound!

It was just a typical night at the Glitter Factory when Chester came running in, panicked, about a dead stripper behind the club. Sure enough, Alicia had been brutally murdered with her heart torn out. The only leads being a her confiding in Su-mi that she had been feeling watched, a shadowy figure on the CCTV, and a sour, rotten, smell picked up by Junot's keen senses. 

Chester had given an idea of someone named Fox who knew a great deal about dark rituals. Alfred had dealt with him before so knew better than to deal with him again. So he sent Isabelle down the sewer to investigate. She didn't find much there but was knocked unconscious by an angry powerful Fae for asking. She also consulted with a wizard friend of hers who did not have much information but wanted, maybe too badly, to help her out.

Meanwhile Su-mi spent the evening entertaining Chester in exchange for his info. It would be the best, and last, night of his life. That morning, while in the shower, Su-mi heard him screaming and came out to find him dead, also with his heart ripped out…


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