Alfred Aberdine



Demon Form:

Horns, Clawed hands, Burning eyes

Demonic Jobs:

Delivering threats and messages
Brokering demonic contracts


Expensive Clothing



Character Stats:

Blood 2
Heart 1
Mind 0
Spirit 0

Starting Factions:

Mortality 1
Night -1
Power 0
Wild 2

Who are you?

  • Alfred Aberdine, owner of a strip club in Miami which caters to both the normals and the darkness.
    How long have you been in the city?
  • Born and raised in the city.
    Who would you die for?
  • undecided.
    What is your daily release?
  • Speed addict.
    What do you desperately need?
  • To get out of trouble.


A house (room above strip club – the glitter factory)


  • Protecting sister from a dark power. They owe 2 debts.
  • Isabelle is trying to save you and keeps suffering for it. You owe them 3 debts.
  • The Demon Kessal holds the contract for your soul. You owe them 3 debts.
  • You owe Junot 2 debt for protection.
  • You owe Isabelle 1 debt for killing her.
  • Isabelle owes me 1 debt for haunting me.
  • You owe Su-mi 1 debt for hiding the murder weapon.
  • You owe John the Hunter 1 debt for cleaning up a body.
  • Necromancers owe me a debt for bodies.
  • I owe Necromancers a debt for not taking bodies by force.
  • John owes me a favor for information about demon goings-on.
  • I owe Isabelle for information about the shadow sprirt


The Devil Inside: When you assume your demon form, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a miss, choose 1 and you owe your patron a Debt.

  • Gain armor+1
  • Heal 2-harm
  • Inflict +1 harm
  • demonic weapon (3-harm hand or 2-harm close)
  • demonic movement (flight, flaming motorcycle, etc.)
    If you’re working a job for your patron, choose 1 more. If you mark corruption, choose 1 more.

Invocation: You may Cash in a Debt with someone to appear in their presence. Others may Cash in a Debt with you to have you appear as well.

Cold as Ice: +1 Blood


Alfred is indebted to the demon Kessal, who appears some nights in the form of a raccoon. Kessal chitters and squeals angrily at Alfred, mostly speaking gibberish.

Kessal is a hoarder demon and often rewards its thralls with material possessions when they have performed a task for them.

Kessal is jealous and cruel. In one of their more horrible tantrums, they demanded that Alfred sacrifice his girlfriend in their honor. Terrified, Alfred did the deed, and was entrusted with a sword for his compliance.

Alfred Aberdine

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