Look: Female, Hispanic
Blood Stained Clothing

Demeanor: Meek/Volatile

Blood 1
Heart 0
Mind -1
Spirit 2

Mortality -1
Night 1
Power 0
Wild 2

Gear: Elegant gown, sexy lingerie, Ritual Knife


Manifest: Regular people can’t sense or interact with you unless you
manifest. You manifest by spending a few quiet moments concentrating
and choosing 2:
» You can be heard
» You can be seen
» You can touch and be touched by the physical world
You may mark corruption to instead choose 1 or all 3.

Link: Something keeps you from passing on: a Link. When in the presence of your Link, advance Let It Out. When your Link is in danger, you have access to all your Corruption Moves until you see it to safety. If your Link is ever destroyed, so are you.
Your Link: Doug

Won’t Be Ignored: When you Get in the Way of someone, treat your
roll as a 10+ without rolling. If you Distract an NPC, roll with Spirit
instead of Mind.


» Who are you? Ghost stripper in love with my killer

» How long have you been in the city? >1 yr

» Who do you still love? Alfred, my family

» What makes your afterlife worth living? Alfred, LOVE, my Family, REVENGE

» What do you desperately need? Closure

» Alfred sacrificed me to his Patron,
He owes me 1 Debt.
» Su-mi is watching out for my daughter.
I owe them 2 Debts.
» I am haunting Alfred and he knows it.
I owe them 1 Debt

» I’m trying to save Alfred and keep suffering for it.
He owes me 2 debts.


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