Male, Asian, Baggy Clothing, gray hair, short beard, responds in grunts

Demeanor: Aggressive

Blood: 2
Heart: -1
Mind: 0
Spirit: 2

Mortality: 0
Night: 1
Power: 0
Wild: 1

The Transformation:

  • When battling groups, you fight like a small group
  • You are all but immune to magical attacks while transformed
  • Silver weapons ignore your armor
  • You can’t resist the change when it comes

Your Territory:

  • You are widely accepted as this places protector (add blessing + supported)
  • Your territory includes grounds for you to roam and hunt (add blessing + hunting ground)
  • Mortals in the area are actively trying to revitalize local businesses and infrastructure (add trouble + upheaval)
  • You have offered protection within your territory to someone, and now their problems are yours (add trouble + fealty)


  • Duffel bag with personal belongings, shitty cell phone
  • Butterfly knife (2-harm hand concealable)
  • Baseball bat (2-harm hand)


  • Tom, a family friend, is hiding you from the Warwick family whose heirloom you destroyed. You owe him a Debt.
  • The Warwick family hired you for a job and you fucked it up by destroying a priceless heirloom. You owe them 2 Debts.
  • Alfred lives in your territory, benefiting from your protection. He owes you a Debt.

Wolf Moves:

  • Comes with the Territory: If you are actively patrolling your territory at the start of the session, roll with Blood. On a 10+, your territory is secure and trouble is at a minimum; take +1 ongoing to Hitting the Streets in your territory. On a 7-9, one of your troubles surfaces (your choice), but things are mostly stable. On a miss, or if you aren’t attending to your territory, things go south and your troubles are fast and furious.
  • Bloodhound: When you hunt someone, roll with Blood. On a hit, you know exactly where to find them and can follow their scent until you do. On a 10+, take +1 forward against them. On a miss, someone unpleasant finds you first.
  • Regeneration: When you “Let It Out”, add this option to the list: Your wounds close; heal 1-harm


  • Who are you?
    Strip club bouncer
  • How long have you been in the city?
    1 year – I am so far not fond of the noise and lights of the city
  • What is the best part of the change?
    Power and freedom (can let aggressive nature loose)
  • Who is the most important person in your territory?
    Me. I stick to myself mostly and interact with others as little as possible
  • What do you desperately need?
    Peace and quiet, wants to go home

Born and raised on a farm. The farm started to have money troubles, so he was sent to find work near by. In the process of helping a wealthy family move around some family heirlooms, he managed to break one of the items and the family demanded payment. He ran away to the city to escape the debt and to find other work to help his family.

Upon arriving in Miami, he came upon an accident involving a school bus full of children that was trapped between a wall and an oil tanker, which crushed all exits from the bus. He was able to use his strength to tear the emergency door off of the back of the bus and get all of the children out before the oil tanker exploded. This was witnessed by many people and covered by the news, leading him to become known as the person to help with issues in town, and protect others. Alfred approached him to become the bouncer at the club/his personal body guard.

He prefers the peace and quiet of the country and hates interacting with people, but cannot leave until he has raised enough money to pay back his debt to the wealthy family and help his family.


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