Faction: Wild


  • Ambiguous
  • Middle Eastern
  • Revealing Clothing

Demeanor: Seductive

Blood: -1
Heart: +2
Mind: 0
Spirit +1

Mortality: 1
Night -1
Power: 1
Wild: 1

Faction: Wild

Fae Moves

Faerie Magic: Whenever you use a Faerie power, choose 1:

  • Mark corruption
  • You owe your monarch a Debt
  • Suffer 1-harm (ap)

Faerie Power

  • Nature’s Caress: Your touch heals 2-harm. You cannot use this power on yourself.
  • Glamours: You create illusions to fool the senses. The effects don’t last long
  • Bedlam: Touch a target to place them in a specific emotional state (your choice). Mark corruption to have that emotion directed toward a target of your choosing.
  • In Our Blood: When you Trick someone, roll with Heart instead of Mind
  • Scales of Justice: You may cash in a Debt with someone to use a power from Faerie Magic (including powers not normally available to you) on them at no cost.
  • Irresistible: When you Persuade an NPC using promises or seduction, treat a 7-9 as a 10+ result. On a miss, your machinations succeed as though you rolled a 7-9, but attract the attention of a rival or enemy.


  • Alfred Aberdine owes me 1 debt for Keeping the knife he used to kill Isabella safe.
  • Isabelle owes me 2 debts for protecting Maria, his daughter.
  • Derrick owns me 1 debt because of a steamy long term relationship, he’s still holding a torch.
  • Maria (Oracle) owes me 1 debt for the time I “distracted” members of Summer for her.


  • A nice house or apartment, a car, a smart phone
  • A relic from your homelands: A doumbek, adorned with gold and silver when played it compels people to dance.
  • A symbol of your court of the Stars: An eight pointed star containing symbols of the nine planets.

Marked Factions
Power, Wild

Corruption: 4



Who are you?

A dancer , for not a Exotic Dancer at the Glittery Factory.

How Long have you been in the city?

No more that a few months.

What do you love most about humanity?

Their arts, poetry, dancing. Their sensuality and love.

Who is your closest confidant in the city?

Jenny, a barista in a coffee shop near my apartment complex.

What do you desperately need?

Affection, sexual congress and free expression.

Su-mi was a dancers in the Court of the Sky, ruled by the Queen of Heaven. The Queen of Heaven focused on two disciplines

Hidden in a secret place in the Arabian Desert there lies a city of sandstone trimmed with gold. Within this hidden oasis lies the Court of the Sky. Ruled by the Queen, a patron of both carnal acts and warfare. Su-Mi served as a dancer in the court. She was trained in dance as well as lovemaking. She played palace politics with proficiency, which was enough. Su-Mi danced and entertained the warriors of the Queen. It was not uncommon for dancers to take favored soldiers as lovers Su-mi was no exception.

An older man caught her fancy, Zien was sweet and kind and had a poet’s soul, which she later learned was likely not his own and kept on a glass jar on a shelf. Zeni and Su-Mi carried on for some time as lovers before the truth came out. Zeni was a spy.

One of the rival courts, the Court of Sight, had sent him a century or so ago. Su-Mi was crushed. She never learned his fate. For her “involvement” Su-Mi was banished(1) from the court.

With little to lose Si-Mi got o the first plane she could find and landed in Miami. The courts of Eternal Summer and The Coral Court. Si-Mi requested right of passage(2) from the court of Eternal Summer.

It was granted and Su-Mi got a job dancing at the Glitter Factory.

1: DJinn banishment is strange as is Fay banishment. In theory Su-Mi still carries some protection as a member of the Court of the Sky, but not much. IF the queen actually had to intervene on her behalf it would not be good. Si0Mi is also free to renounce her membership formally and reapply to the court after a year and a day.

2.The right of passage is more or less a peace agreement. I will not get involved in local conflicts , that the court cares about, and they will leave me alone.


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