Miami Dread (Urban Shadows)

Chapter 3

The man at the front door is the Dark Doctor who offers his services. Su-mi and Isabelle were planning to get Fox healed but the Doctor deferred to Alfred who, in exchange for allowing the Haitians to use his place for some business, set up a protective ward around the Glitter Factory to keep out the heart-ripping monster. 

At Junot's place, he hears some banging and screaming downstairs to go downstairs and find a couple of Haitian gang-bangers roughing up Danny and Jose for a missing drug stash. Junot manages to knock them out, but not without taking a couple bullets in the process. Trying to unleash enough of his wolf to heal his injuries, he loses control of his wolf nature and returns to Maria & Danny's apartment, tearing out the throats of the unconscious gangbangers in front of the police, knocking them out of the way as he ran past them and back to the Glitter Factory. Upon arriving there and calming down, he finds his wounds have closed over the bullets. 

Because Alfred is stoned out of his mind, Sumi takes charge and calls the Doctor back who treats Junot's injuries. 

While Junot is recovering and Alfred sobering up, Isabelle and Sumi go out to talk to one of her daughter's professors, Dr. Agram Thau, who specializes in history and folklore. He talks about a creature that appeared shortly before the black plauge, but sadly the book that had more detail about it was missing from the library. 

Sumi calls Derek to see if he can find any copies, digital or otherwise, of the that book, and also some for Abdul Alcared, an Arabian Occultist. She then gets a call from Alfred. Still somewhat stoned, he's talking with vampires who have come to inquire what happened to Chester and Sumi's whereabouts. 

Alfred takes them to the basement where Fox is chained up, and they want to take him with them to interrogate, but Alfred demands Fox stays there if they want to interrogate him. They decline, and say they'll be in touch with Sumi. 

Alfred calls Sumi to warn her of the incoming vampires, and she's on her way to the Neon Cabana, a beachside dance night club that's a stronghold of the Summer Court. 


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