There are 4 major factions in the world.  Here is what we know about them in this setting so far as far as characteristics or known members. 



The Aware

The Hunter – One known, John, is a contact of Alfred's. There's also a rumor of one killed recently by dark cloud of smoke. The others are both fearful and rallying to fight against it. 

The Veteran



The Spectre - A couple known are the DPW worker Isabelle ran into. Also a rumored vengeful ghost over near where the necromancers are shaping bodies. 

The Vamp – Disintegrate in sunlight a la "Interview with the Vampire". There is a suspected group of them on the north side of town that a local hunter is after. Will look out for their kin within their Scourge. Need an invitation into a space (use of bouncers can make a public space private enough that they need invite). Do not have ghouls/renfields. Can use hats/sunscreen/parasols/etc to protect themselves from sun. 

The Wolf – Have keener than human senses even in human form. Can unleash part of their wolf to regenerate wounds (wounds can close over bullet holes, annoyingly)



The Oracle - There is one indebted to Sumi who has a prophecy of how to stop the rising darkness. 

The Wizard - Copernicus the wise



The Fae – The blue lady is trying to set up her own court. The summer court is moving out of the area. 

The Tainted – Is at least one other in town named Fox who works for Nephilac



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