Alicia (deceased)

Fellow stripper at the Glitter Factory who was found brutally murdered. In the days before her death, she confided to Su-mi that she felt like she was being watched/stalked.  

Agram Thau

Professor of history and folklore at Maria's (daughter) community college. Isabelle and Sumi come to him with questions about the dark creature, which he said in a thesis were stories shortly before the Black Plague. And he couldn't put his finger on it, but Isabelle seemed very familiar to him…

Chester (deceased)

Relatively new vamp who still hasn't quite gotten the hang of this whole "sexy undead" thing. Is a frequent customer at the Glitter Factory, often creeping out the girls and customers alike. 

Copernicus the Wise

An old wizard friend of Isabella's who knows a great deal about mortal magic (or at least thinks he does). Has a particular fondness for love potions and embarrassing curses.

The Dark Doctor

A Bakor with ties to the local Haitian gang. 


Ex boyfriend of Su-Mi's up in New York. He works in IT and still carries a torch for her, feeling a sense of duty to look out for her. 


Su-Mi's best friend and confidante that lives in her apartment complex and works as a local barista. 


Jenny's boyfriend's sister (aka Manny's sister) who recently went missing. 

Larry (ghost)

The unfortunate DPW worker who slipped in the sewer and landed at just the right angle to internally decapitate himself. The hard hat didn't help after all. Now he wanders the sewers, wondering where he went wrong and if he could somehow do things right that he wouldn't have died. But he did see.. whatever it was… traveling down the sewer with a bloody human heart. 


Local dancer and member of the Summer Court. A friend of Su-Mi's and they have a fond friendly relationship.

Manuel "Manny"

Is Jenny's boyfriend

Maria (daughter)

Isabelle's daughter who is going to community college and also dating Sumi. 

Maria (neighbor)

Junot's downstairs neighbor who looks to him as neighborhood protector. Her son, Danny, is peripherally involved with the Cuban Gans 

Maria (Oracle)

Has a prophecy about how to stop the coming darkness, but needs protection of the Blue Lady from "Mary's Boys" who work for Bloody Mary, the Queen of Hell. Owes Sumi a debt. 


Fox's patron demon. Generally known as one not to be messed with, especially among the other demons. 


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